About HEO

Help Each Other is the first decentralized stablecoin-based crowdfunding platform that removes geographical and political limitations from fundraising.


Problems with fiat crowdfunding platforms

Authoritarian Control

Freezing bank accounts of NGOs and political opposition in authoritarian countries, retaliation of donors

Geographic Limitatins

Only 10% of the world’s population can access GoFundMe and other platforms

No Rewards

Donors are not rewarded


Users are not involved in governing

Inefficient Withdrawal

Fundraisers cannot access the donations until their campaign reaches a certain financial or time-based milestone

Our solution

No borders

Any person from any country can raise donations from anyone anywhere in the world for any purpose


No government can stop a donation or freeze a beneficiary’s account

Donors are rewarded

Each donation results in daily farming of project tokens to the donor in the way that allows early donors to multiply the amount that they have donated

Progressive Decentralization

Holders of tokens locked for voting can elect Executive Directors, adjust key parameters of the contracts that govern the platform, and make other changes to how the platform operates

Immediate Access To Funds

All donations are immediately available to beneficiaries to be used

HEO token economy

  • Fundraisers buy HEO to start their campaigns

  • Donors farm HEO as a reward for their donations

  • Liquidity providers mine HEO for staking their LP tokens

Token metrics

Initial circulating supply:


Fully diluted supply:


Initial market capitalization:


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Decentralized Crowdfunding Without Borders

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