Our team

Alexander Shmelev

Alexander Shmelev is an independent journalist and a political analyst. 
In 2006-2008, Alexander was the Editor in Chief of the most popular news outlet in Russia (vz.ru). After his views have significantly diverged from 
those of the Russian government, he left the job and became an independent journalist and a political commentator working with various NGOs on helping to preserve democracy in Russia.

Dmitry Polozov

Dmitry Polozov is a full stack software engineer, a US Marine, and an Iraq war veteran.

Greg photo.png
Greg Solovyev

Greg Solovyev is a software engineer and serial entrepreneur with over
20 years of experience in software development and management. Greg has previously co-founded several companies (Exchange3D, Citybot, Still Human) and raised Angel, and VC funding.

Katie Jundt

Katie Jundt is a talented designer, and a passionate activist.